Introducing InvesTrac – OUTvest’s new investment tracking system

Do you know the status of your investments and are you well informed as to where they are heading and what you can expect?

We’ve built a tracking system for your investment goals

At OUTvest we are all about advice be it digital or human and we have just released our new industry leading tracking system to enhance our advice offering. Our new tracking system keeps our clients fully informed when it comes to understanding their investment status, whether they are just investing or have a target amount they are chasing.  

You just want to invest – We show you the estimated outcomes daily

When you begin your investment journey you might not always be sure of just how big that nest egg or pot of wealth will be in the future. OUTvest’s new tracking system has the solution! On a daily basis we show you our best estimate (outcome) of what we think your investment will be worth at your future end date.

If you add additional money or make withdrawals from your investment, our tracking system will provide you with an updated estimated investment outcome. The system also takes into account movements within investment markets (up and down) or any contributions made to those goals that are using our Crowdvest feature. It considers anything that materially impacts your investment, giving you a real-time estimation of what we think your investment will be worth at your chosen future end date.    

You have a target amount – We tell you if you are On or Off track daily

If you know what you want and how much you need to get there then you have a well-defined goal, which we like to call a target journey. It is different to a just investing journey as you know exactly how much money you would need for a certain future goal. Things like investing towards your child’s education, a wedding or your retirement are all examples of target journeys.

All our target journeys are tracked. Our system extensively tracks your goal’s progress daily until you reach your target amount. At any point where the system has determined that you no longer have a better than average chance of meeting your goal’s target, it will indicate that you are off-track.

More than that, if you are off-track, it will provide you with a customised recommendation to help you get right back on-track to having a better than average chance of reaching your goal. These recommendations include adding a once-off contribution, increasing your monthly contribution or changing your target amount to a more attainable amount. You can even contact our Advice Centre and speak to a skilled advisor for some advice on how to get your investment back on the right track.

How does our tracking work?

Our system’s prediction model is underpinned by a stochastic (a very clever mathematical) model using data that understands the way investment markets have behaved over the last 115 years. We use this data to estimate just how much your goal should be worth at its end. This model also takes into account the following aspects to determine if you are on-track or off-track towards achieving your goal:

·       The impact that investment market performance (up and down) has had on your goal since it was started

·        The effect of changing your investment fund

·        Additional contributions

·        Changes to monthly contributions

·        Withdrawals (once-off and monthly)

·      Any special conditions based on the investment plan that we recommend for you. An example of this would be our Tax-Free Plan with the prescribed maximum investment amounts

You can switch Tracking on or off to customise your investment needs

If you have a just investing goal with OUTvest and would like to track it as opposed to just investing with estimated projected outcomes, all you need to do is turn the tracking feature on and we will tell you if you are on-track or off-track. You can even set yourself a new target amount for us to track.

The same applies to your target journeys, you can switch tracking off at any time and we will give you a daily projection estimate of how much your investment could be worth at your chosen investment end date.

Our system is flexible, always on and backed by human advisors who can help you understand why you are on or off-track. Whether you track your OUTvest investment or just invest with an estimated projected outcome, you are always informed and have a good idea of where you are headed.


Andre van Staden

OUTvest: Actuarial Analyst

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