Introducing the OUTvest Fixed OUTcome Endowment

When OUTvest was conceptualized our aim was to build a platform which went far beyond goals-based savings. We wanted to provide a service that would empower our clients to take more control of their investment decisions. 

Our newest offering is an endowment developed in conjunction with and underwritten by OUTsurance Life. We call it Fixed OUTcome Endowment.

The Fixed OUTcome investment is ideal for those who already have used their annual interest exemption from SARS. Typically, this is the case if you have, or plan to invest more than R 400 000* in investments where you earn interest, such as Fixed Deposits, Money Market Funds, Call accounts and of course, the Fixed OUTcome Endowment.

Efficient estate planning is an additional benefit. The Fixed OUTcome Endowment allows you to add and manage beneficiaries that will be paid directly in the event of your death and save you executor’s fees.

What differentiates the OUTvest offering from other endowment products?

While endowment products themselves are relatively well established in South Africa, we believe that we offer certain additional benefits which could be hard to ignore: 

You can use our online financial advisor to help you make an informed decision around whether our endowment product is suitable for you. It puts the power in your hands because everything you need to know is provided upfront, with no obligation.

No paperwork – sign up in minutes and manage beneficiaries online. 

Using an online approach means we can reduce the upfront fees to you considerably, which translates into a higher interest rate for you. 

Taking your financial advice to a whole new level

We set out on a mission to empower South Africans by providing them with world-class tools to ensure that they can build up investments and wealth in a sustainable, transparent and responsible manner.

An investment like this can be of considerable benefit when used correctly and we have built tools and provided information that helps you determine if this investment is right for you, there is no obligation at all, you don’t even have to sign up first, just give it a try.

Through our combination of award winning technology, the financial stability of OUTsurance behind us and a first rate team of professionals, we have given you the power to make an informed decision.

Find out now here whether the OUTvest Fixed Outcome is suitable for you.

*Assumed annual interest exemption for an under 65 year old is R23 800 which equates to having approximately R400 000 invested at 6% p.a. before tax.

OUTvest is an authorised FSP.  The OUTvest Fixed OUTcome Endowment is underwritten by OUTsurance Life Insurance Company.  This investment carries an element of risk and is not guaranteed by OUTsurance Life.

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